Advanced Eye Care Services

Meet all your primary eye care needs with a Vision Source doctor.

Our network is made up of some of the most prestigious eye doctors in the San Diego area.

In addition to providing excellent patient care, we serve as professors and lecturers; as officers of local, state and national professional associations; and as research associates for clinical trials of new products and treatments.

Because all practices in our network are independently owned and operated, services may vary. However, most San Diego Independent Doctors of Optometry doctors provide the following primary eye care services:

  • Comprehensive eye health examinations

  • Treatment of eye injuries and eye trauma

  • Treatment of eye infections, red eyes and ocular allergies

  • Treatment of dry eye syndrome

  • Treatment of computer vision syndrome

  • Detection and management of strabismus (lazy eye)

  • Detection and management of glaucoma and cataracts

  • Detection and management of diabetic eye disease and macular degeneration

  • Detection and treatment of keratoconus

  • Laser vision correction consultation and co-management

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