Macular Degeneration

Advanced treatment for macular degeneration with a San Diego area eye care specialist.

Macular Degeneration is a progressive eye disease that steals vision. The macula, a highly sensitive part of your retina, begins to thin and break down, blurring sharp, central vision.

The condition is often referred to as “age related,” but it has many causes. It is important to know that only a comprehensive eye exam can detect macular degeneration before symptoms become obvious. While there is no cure, there are ways to reduce your risk or slow disease progress.

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What Causes Macular Degeneration?

The macula is the most sensitive part of the retina, the part of the eye that helps you see. It is made up of millions of cells that are responsible for sharp, central vision. When the macula degenerates, or breaks down, you lose your ability to see.

While people use the word blindness, it is actually a loss of the critical central vision. A blurry spot in the center of your vision is a major warning sign.  


Unfortunately, there are no medical treatments or cures for macular degeneration. However, eye doctors can recommend lifestyle changes and provide support for loss of vision. Ask your doctor about vitamins, supplements, and changes to diet. Evidence suggests that a healthy lifestyle can help stop or reduce vision loss.

For advanced stages, there are medical therapies and interventions that can help preserve vision. These options include injections, laser treatments and photodynamic therapy. They may help preserve remaining vision, but will not halt disease progression.


While we can't prevent aging, there are some steps we can take to prevent or slow the progression of macular degeneration. Smoking, obesity, heart disease and high cholesterol all increase risk. A poor diet low in fruits and vegetables is also a factor.

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